About Me

I am an in-house lawyer at a UK financial services company. I trained in private practice but have crossed over to the other side (rather like Clarence Seedorf did in 2002 -great legal mind, better at free-kicks). My work mainly relates to commercial contracts with a particular focus on intellectual property.

About This Site

This site is my place to discuss legal and professional incidents that occur in my day-to-day life. It is intended to be anonymous – let’s just see how long that lasts.


I am not a lawyer…oh, no, wait, I am…Well anyway, you’re not my client and this site does not constitute legal advice.  All views are my own, nobody else’s and I accept no liability for the content of external sites – it’s a scary world out there, kids, so look after yourselves.

If you have any comments or requests regarding material that appears on this site please contact me.

© 2011-2012 In-House Hotshot.  Except for the bits that aren’t.


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